CCSA’s Susan Keating and Caroline Sigman are co-authors on an article published in Clinical Translational Science in March 2018: “Opportunities and Challenges in Implementation of Multiparameter Single Cell Analysis Platforms for Clinical Translation.”

Dr. Susan Keating is a Senior Scientist at CCS Associates with a background in time-resolved fluorescence and microscopy methods, assay development, and system integration in the diagnostic and biopharmaceutical industries.

Dr. Caroline Sigman is CEO and President of CCS Associates. She has extensive experience in strategic planning for drug biomarker development and management of drug development efforts. Dr. Sigman has specialized knowledge of carcinogenesis, cancer chemoprevention, cancer biomarkers, structure-activity relationships, literature search, critical evaluation of health effects data on chemicals, and research and development strategies for biomedical products.


The high-content interrogation of single cells with platforms optimized for the multiparameter characterization of cells in liquid and solid biopsy samples can enable characterization of heterogeneous populations of cells ex vivo. Doing so will advance the diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment of cancer and other diseases. However, it is important to understand the unique issues in resolving heterogeneity and variability at the single-cell level before navigating the validation and regulatory requirements, in order for these technologies to impact patient care. Since 2013, leading experts representing industry, academia, and government have been brought together as part of the Foundation for the National Institutes of Health (FNIH) Biomarkers Consortium to foster the potential of high-content data integration for clinical translation.

The full paper can be found here.


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