Manuscripts and reports ready to publish

  • Several hundred biomedical and scientific publications and reviews written and/or co-edited
  • A wealth of experience in selecting the appropriate publication type (e.g., journal article, book chapter,¬†etc.)
  • Editorial guidance in preparing a document with the required format and style for the selected publication

Information at your fingertips, publication made easy

  • On-site library staff to provide the necessary medical/scientific literature
  • Science writers who meticulously review literature and related information
  • Creation of background and discussion sections that place information in the context needed to emphasize its importance to readers and opinion leaders
  • Extensive contacts within the world of scientific publishing give our clients’ results a head start in accurate and rapid dissemination

Minutes that make sense

  • Minutes of teleconferences and face-to-face meetings prepared for working groups and collaborative committees comprised of members of the pharmaceutical industry, biomedical professional groups, and non-profit/advocacy and funding organizations
  • Documentation that assists our clients’ efforts to summarize strategic goals for public-private research projects in fields as diverse as cancer biomarker discovery and validation, to neuropsychiatric and cardiovascular drug development

Critical review for pharmacology/toxicology summaries

  • Pharmacological and toxicological summaries prepared for both government and private clients
  • Our medical/science writers critically review information, extract the salient points, and create well organized papers showing the trajectory of the research, important findings, and overall achievement

Writing services that support policy and planning

  • Systematic literature reviews
  • Meta-analyses
  • Planning and review documents
  • Expert panel background materials on:
    • Pediatrics
    • Medical imaging
    • Nanotechnology
    • Cancer prevention, treatment, and diagnosis

Engaging, expressive scientific presentation materials

  • Optimal content selected by skilled scientific writing and computer graphics staff
  • The clearest form of visual display maximizes the impact of discoveries and clinical advances
  • Expertly prepared tabular summaries of testing data for inclusion in manuscripts

Graphics that go straight to the point

  • With more than 5000 images and chemical structures, our collection of presentation materials covers chemoprevention, oncology, and other drug and medical development topics, and has been used for scientific conferences, as illustrations to accompany journal articles and book chapters, and occasionally as book or journal cover illustrations

CCSA writing and research contributions have served as the basis for

  • Congressional Report sections
  • Program announcements
  • Work statements
  • White papers
  • Position papers

Clear, well-presented tabular data

  • Medical/science writers, graphic designers, and technical editors turn data into well organized, beautifully formatted tables that present information at a glance, highlighting research outcomes