CCS Associates, Inc (CCSA) is a woman-owned, small business providing leading-edge scientific advisory services in pharmaceutical and device discovery and development to government agencies as well as the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

More than 35 years of corporate and client success

Begun by Dr. Caroline C. Sigman in 1985, CCSA is a scientific research consulting firm specializing in technical and support services for clinical research, design strategies for preclinical studies, chemical information sciences, and research and development support for translational science. We have been instrumental in bioinformatics, developing master databases of chemical information, and working with government and private industry clients to harness nonclinical and clinical data in support of pharmaceutical development.

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The professional staff of CCSA includes PhD-, MD-, MS-, MA-, BS-, and BA-level scientists with academic backgrounds and professional certifications in clinical research, pediatrics, organic chemistry, biochemistry, anatomy, physiology, genetics, carcinogenesis, pharmacology, immunology, toxicology, cell and molecular biology, biostatistics, and computer science.