CCS Associates (CCSA) is proud to continue its pivotal role in the Vascular Interventions/Innovations and Therapeutic Advances Program (VITA), which is set to begin its second phase this month. VITA is part of the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) and focuses its research efforts on enabling researchers to collaborate with each other and NHLBI in order to efficiently move products from bench to bedside. CCSA’s team, led by Donya Bagheri (Principal Investigator), plays a vital role in VITA, serving as the coordinating center for the entire program. CCSA would like to congratulate the team, as VITA has been such a success for both the partners and sponsors, and remains a stellar example of a public-private partnership!

Below are links to information about VITA as well as NHLBI’s other translational programs:

Vascular Interventions/Innovations and Therapeutic Advances Program: VITA

Centers for Advanced Diagnostics and Experimental Therapeutics in Lung Diseases: CADET/CADET II

Gene Therapy Resource Program: GTRP

NIH Centers for Accelerated Innovations/ Research Evaluation and Commercialization Hubs: NCAI/REACH

Production Assistance for Cellular Therapies: PACT

Small Business Innovative Research/ Small Business Technology Transfer Programs: SBIR/STTR

Science Moving towArds Research Translation and Therapy: SMARTT

Translational Program Project Grants (tPPG): tPPG

Translational Research Centers in Thrombotic and Hemostatic Disorders: TRC THD

NHLBI Translational Research Implementation Program: TRIP

NHLBI Office of Translational Alliances and Coordination: OTAC

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